Meet Albóndiga.


Albóndiga is a mariachi dog who came into our lives last Friday. She was given to us by the friendly banker at Wells Fargo when we opened up a savings account for Ryan. I should have known a toy with the name albóndiga was doomed; I once had a rather unpleasant regurgitation experience on a Talgo train from Madrid to Paris, thanks to some undercooked albóndigas. Ever since, I have avoided them at all costs. History aside, we welcomed Albóndiga into our home with open arms, and enjoyed saying his name all weekend. We didn’t really let Ryan play with him though, as I’m fairly confident he was covered in lead paint. Our four-legged member of the household quickly discovered that Albóndiga had not yet been claimed as a baby toy, and the minute I wasn’t looking, had Albóndiga in her clutches.



No less than 3 minutes later: there lies Albóndiga, disemboweled.


Okay, so this post really has no point, other than to entertain me. Which doesn’t take much, these days:)