So I’m not really a big fan of daylight savings time. Didn’t it originate long ago so the farmers had more light to harvest their crops or something? Guess I could google it, but I don’t really care that much. Anyway, I think the whole concept is outdated. Sure, it gives us more daylight in the a.m., but who has time to utilize that daylight when you are either, a.) still sleeping, or b.) driving to work? Doesn’t it make more sense to have that daylight in the late afternoon, when the majority of the population is getting home from work and is able to enjoy a little time outside?

Our DST day #1 began with a 5:40am wake-up call from he who sleeps behind bars. Thankfully after a few minutes of chatter he fell back asleep, but was awake again shortly after 6:00. Which to him was shortly after 7:00, his usual up and at ’em hour. (I feel for those of you who have a typical wake-up caller at 5:40. Did that mean it was 4:40 this morning? Yeow.) Everything from napping to eating was slightly off-kilter today for the entire fam- I was truly starving for lunch at 10:30am. Not that that’s really any different from any other day, come to think of it. I digress…

How long DOES it take the average person to adjust to DST? How about the average 6 month old? Am I destined to arise at 5:40am from now until April?