This morning if you had peeped through my living room window at 10:00am you would have seen me frantically dialing two phones over and over. I was calling to try and score Oprah tickets. Don’t get me wrong- I didn’t actually think I’d get through using the system I had going on, but I had to try. You see, I like Oprah. And it is one of my life goals to go to a taping of Oprah. Over the weekend I watched a bunch of past shows, and ended up on the website looking at some of the books that have appeared on past episodes. That’s when I saw the message about calling Tuesday, Dec. 4th for tickets to January tapings. I’ve tried calling in the past, and have never ever even gotten close to getting through. No different today. My calls produced either a busy signal, or a really annoying electronic voice stating that all circuits were busy. I don’t even know why they bother stating that there is a 6 hour window of time within which one can call to get tickets. You know the tickets are gonzo no more than 10 minutes into the calling time frame. So, no luck this time, but it was fun to dream about an imaginary trip to Chicago in January.

Perhaps all you readers out there know something about obtaining Oprah tickets. Does anyone know anyone who was actually able to get tickets by calling?? Does anyone know anyone who has actually GONE to a taping of Oprah? Does anyone know anyone who works for Harpo that would like to GIVE me tickets? Please advise.