Sort of. The tree is up and hasn’t fallen over yet. One stocking is hung. A few non-chochki decorations are around. And Leila hasn’t eaten any ornaments or decapitated any wisemen yet (nor has Ryan), so we’re doing well.

We went to get our tree on Saturday. Once again, we were treated to quality service and selection at Pinestead Tree Farms. It was a fun outing. Ryan’s first traditional Christmas tree run would not have been complete without sub-zero temps, a meeting with Santa, and a ride in a sled. Along with every other aspect of one’s life that changes when the kid arrives, selecting the annual Christmas tree was no different. This year, instead of walking out to select our tree, we drove. Instead of bringing a dog, we brought a baby. Instead of me walking, I got to ride in the sled (total perk!). Instead of carefully inspecting every tree and taking our sweet time selecting one, this year we glanced at three trees, saw a fourth, said “looks great, let’s chop it!” and that was that.


Just a titch chilly out…


When we got home from this great adventure, we then had to somehow get the tree in the house, in the stand and upright. Not a one person job. We also had to rearrange our living room. We quickly realized not much of this was going to successfully take place while Ryan was still awake. FatJ managed to get the tree in the house and I was able to help him hold it while it was placed in the stand. Ryan proceeded to become afraid of the tree and the fact that his living room was filled to the brim with furniture and miscellaneous crap, and began screaming for attention. Decorating aborted. We resumed festivities once Ryan was asleep.

The sad state of our living room…

FatJ surveys the damage a little redecorating will do… (golly, wouldn’t a new chandelier look great in this room?)

Remember the tree I described above, chopped down with nary a thought? Yeah, well, we should have looked a little more closely. It is a beautiful tree, but out in the field we failed to notice that its trunk takes a sharp angle towards the top. This made placing the tree in the stand and getting it to appear straight quite difficult. Looking at it head-on from the living room- it looks super. But if you look at it from the sides….well, just tilt your head a bit and it will appear straight. Here’s a shot of the finished product. Ryan did approve after all.


(Oh yeah- we have an official crawl now, too!!)