So about a month ago I posted that Ryan had achieved mobility in the form of rolling/scootching around. He’s been improving upon his technique since then, and about a week ago perfected the formal crawl.

Well this week things have changed for us. Bigtime. He’s everywhere. Moving from one room to the next, finding things I didn’t know existed. Pulling cords, trying to eat pine needles, licking rugs. Not only is he crawling- quickly- but he is attempting to climb things and pull himself up to a standing position. FatJ and I are frightened. There’s no stopping him, and there’s no leaving him alone.

Here he is, trying to climb THROUGH our coffee table-turned-entertainment center to get at the jumbled cords and carbon monoxide detector on the other side.


And god help me, he’s already attempting the stairs.


{**The quality of these pictures is horrendous. I usually have my camera nearby, and when I saw Ryan in these poses I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to capture it so that FatJ would believe me! But, being the watchful parent that I am, I obviously couldn’t spend more than a split second photographing or that would have fallen under the category of ‘neglect’. Ryan did have to be rescued from both of these predicaments. Still, this is nowhere near as terrible as the parents who videotape their child falling out of the bumbo seat!}

Long story short, I guess we’ve come a long way since the days of this docile little guy…