Yes, the moment has arrived. I have entered the world of music technology. I now own an iPod. It’s a nano, and it’s very mini and very cute. It’s taken me awhile to jump aboard the iPod hysteria wagon. I don’t participate in any of the activities that the use of an iPod would enhance: I don’t work out at a gym, I don’t jog outdoors, I don’t sit at a desk job, etc. Up until now, if I listened to music, it was either the fabulous selection of Twin Cities radio stations in the car, a few carefully selected CDs, or the aforementioned radio stations tuned in on the stereo in the living room. FatJ has had an iPod for awhile now, so if I ever had a need to use one I had access to his. So, I never really felt like I needed to have one for myself. Until now.

The other day, I hit music-listening rock bottom. I listened to a mix tape. Where, pray tell, did I stumble upon a mix tape? Good question. Months ago we emptied out our entertainment center. Back in the far reaches of the storage cabinet, I discovered my old stash of high-school and college-created mix tapes. Eeeeegads. Remember these things? I think girls made them more than guys, and they typically had a ‘theme’, such as “Love Mix ’94” or “Party to Go ’97”. So I sorted through my collection and came across one very *special* mix tape that was created cooperatively in 1997 by me and my love interest of the time (who may or may not have been FatJ:) We would trade the tape back and forth, each of us adding a song, and then ‘surprising’ the other with the tape and the song, ultimately ending up with a completed tape of dandy songs that apparently had some sort of sentimental value at the time. (Really though, the trading off lasted about five songs. I compiled the rest of it myself.) How could I NOT listen to this thing?? I popped it into the tape deck (yep, still have one) and began the listening experience.


Song #1: All I Want is You– U2. (solid selection. I will never not like this song)

Song #2: Rocket Man- Elton John. (not sure why this song is on here, but I still like it)

Song #3: When You’re Gone– Cranberries. (Nothing special)

Song #4: The Boxer– Simon & Garfunkel. (another classic)

Song #5: The Power of Two– Indigo Girls. (no, my love of ’97 was not a woman)

Song #6: Strawberry Wine- Deana Carter. (WTF?)

Song #7: Weight of the World– Samples.

Song #8: Lemon Parade- Tonic.


Song #1: Brown Eyed Girl– Van Morrison. (I have brown eyes. Duh.)

Song #2: Margaritaville- Jimmy Buffet.

Song #3: Dance, Dance, Dance– Steve Miller Band. (this song is funny)

Song #4: Wonderful Tonight- Eric Clapton.

Song #5: Faithfully- Journey. (I admit, I do like this song)

Song #6: Heaven- Bryan Adams. (puke)

Song #7: Stand By Me– Ben E. King.

Song #8: A Higher Place– Tom Petty.

Song #9: Piano Man- Billy Joel. (this is in my top 10 fave songs)

Song #10: Nothing Man- Pearl Jam.

Song #11: Unchained Melody– Righteous Brothers.

Song #12: Down Under- Men at Work. (he just smiled and gave me a vegamite sandwich)

I know, kinda makes ya want to run out to iTunes and download these songs yourself, doesn’t it?