I explained in my very first post on FatJ.wordpress that even though I am the author of this fabulous blog, I haven’t been known to do much reading of other people’s blogs. I don’t have any friends who maintain blogs (that I know of!! If you do- tell me!), and I don’t do a lot of internet surfing where I randomly stumble upon blogs that I am dying to read on a daily or hourly basis. So, as you can see, my blogroll on the right sidebar over there——>> is not too extensive. The first blog listed is my sister-in-law Kim’s, and the second one is some doof that FatJ works, plays softball, and eats greasy burgers with.

Anyway, over the past few months, I have started reading a few other blogs that I discovered from the aforementioned sister-in-law’s blog. I probably check them out once a day, (giving Kim some nice hits on her site, because I don’t use Google reader:), and have even been known to leave a comment or two. My question is this: now that I’ve become an avid reader of this, this and this, yet have never really had direct contact with the authors, should I put their blogs into my blogroll? Do I need to tell or ask permission from the person who originally introduced me to these blogs? (in this case my sis-in-law?). Should I contact the blog authors themselves and ask them if it’s okay that I link to them through my site? I feel like this is some kind of 7th-grade friendship ritual that I’m trying to nerdily break into- haha! But really, I’m not sure what the etiquette is here.

So please advise, all you wise bloggers, readers, and doofs out there.