Yesterday a friend of mine (hi Jolene!) asked me the following question: Do you have to be all ‘techie’ to be a good mom these days? And since what I appear to be doing here is mom-blogging, I better answer this question.

My answer is: NO, but…

…technology can certainly make a mom’s life run more smoothly, easing perhaps some of life’s stresses, in turn making a mom happier. And in my opinion, a happy mom is a good mom (kind of like how a happy wife equals a good life!).

That being said, I don’t really consider myself to be “techie” in any sense of the word. But I do use some technological items that, I’m ashamed to admit, I could no longer happily live without. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Microwave- I hork down my meals in record time these days, and I have even less time to prepare meals. So zapped leftovers in the microwave it often is.

2. Digital camera- I love this invention. Out of 100 pictures I snap of my kid, I’ll maybe get three really good ones (if that). The rest contain any number of photographic problems: blur, subject has snot/drool/puke projectiling out if his orifaces, dog stands in front of subject, etc. If I was using a film camera, imagine how much money I’d waste on film processing and fouled-up pictures.

3. Digital photo storage program- an online photo album, if you will. I use Picasa. Very user-friendly, keeps the photos all in one place, and comes complete with photo editing tools. This is a perk because as a NON-techie person, I do not like nor understand Adobe Photoshop.

4. E-mail- I’ve been in love with email ever since I sent my first electronic message in 1995. Allows me to keep in touch with people anytime. For me, it’s much quicker and easier to email someone than to call them.

5. Chat- I love having chat capabilities on my email, because sometimes it’s the only ‘live’, adult communication I have between the hours of 7:00am and 6:00pm. Chat allows me to be in touch with FatJ during the day, without majorly interrupting him with a phone call.

6. T.V.- And when I say T.V., I mean Oprah. Because that’s about the only show that’s on right now with new episodes. Used to be I’d rarely turn the T.V. on when Ryan was awake. Now, 4:00pm rolls around, my sanity level is questionable after a day of fun, and Oprah is on the tube. No, I don’t feel guilty. Again, happy mom=good mom:)

7. Computer- love it. Used for internet surfing, emailing, chatting, blogging, and blog reading. I’ve especially come to adore a laptop, which allows for comfortable sitting wherever I like.

8. Blogging- I started the blogging thing before I became a mom, and I liked it then too. One could argue I had more interesting things to write about then. At least a wider variety of things. Nowadays the blog is used to share my thoughts, along with the happenings of Ryan. It’s a nice way to let people know how we’re doing as a family, without having to send out a zillion emails with photos attached. Also, blogging is another way for me to feel a bit of a connection to the outside world and the people that live in it during this time in my life when I’m home with the boy, and not doing much of anything else. Blogging allows me to stimulate my brain by thoughtfully composing a few paragraphs here and there…as opposed to just using my brain to think up the next baby lullaby and patty-cake game.

9. Cell phone- I use this way more now since I’ve been a mom. We have a land-line at our house still, and will probably keep it around in case a non-cell-phone toting grandparent ever needs to make a 911 call while babysitting. But man, has having a land-line ever been more annoying? It never fails that the thing rings JUST as Ryan’s falling asleep for a nap. And it’s NEVER someone I want to talk to. Pretty much the only calls we get during the day on the land-line are recordings and telemarketers. So I take the phone off the hook a lot. The cell phone has a much quieter ring, in addition to caller ID. That way if you call and I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t have to. I rarely do that though:)

10. Video camera- I swore I would never own one. Then we got one as a gift. It’s fun, it really is. I love capturing little Ryan moments with the video camera, knowing I’ll be able to look back on them with fondness as he grows bigger and bigger.

So there ya have it. The essential techie gadgets that make my world go ’round. While I’m at it, I may as well add the things I do NOT find useful in my day to day life:

1. home security system
2. texting
3. logitech universal remote (I HATE that thing. I swear, it’s alive, and is out to get me.)
4. facebook
5. video games

Now tell me, how would you answer this question? Is it necessary to be ‘techie’ to be a good mom these days?