Thanks to all my readers who have asked a thought-provoking question from my post two posts ago. The game is still on!! So don’t think you can’t play anymore just because I’ve posted since that day. We’re trying to break a fatj comments world record, and I need your help!! (I should probably check to see what the world record is- I don’t even know).

Anyway, in attempting to set the world record, I realize now that I made some grave mistakes as to the timing of my post. I was not as strategic as I should have been. For one, I posted the game late in the day on Thursday. Probably after everyone who’s bored at work left their places of work. So then, people that would normally read the blog at work on Friday, may or may not have been at work that day because Fridays are the most popular days to take off work. Also, I swear half of fatj’s readers were on vacation last week, so there’s decreased readership right there. And I’ve posted something new since the ‘questions’ post, so it probably doesn’t seem urgent to readers because it’s not the first thing they see when they enter the blog.

But it is urgent. Oh SO urgent. (Ha.)

So GAME ON for Monday when all you vacationing losers return to your jobs. And when all you Friday-offers return to your jobs. And have nothing better to do than read blogs and ask me questions:)

Oh, and my wonderful hubby had a most-excellent idea. He suggested that instead of me hammering out the answers to your questions all in one ginormous post, that I spread the love and answer a question or two a day. Super idea, dear! So that’s what I plan to do. Beginning perhaps tomorrow. And then I had my own brilliant idea, which is, in order to continue the communication and interaction between the fatj family of readers, I am going to ask each one of my questioners a question of my own. You will find these questions within the same posts where I answer the question that was originally asked of me. And then said responder to MY question can post their answer in the comments section of that very same post. Confusing? Perhaps, but I think you’ll catch on quickly.