Here are my answers from the first two questions in the question game…
And don’t forget, I’m posing my own question to each one of my questioners as well.

Kim asks: hmm… sooooo… since i can ask ANYTHING, when is baby #2 going to make an appearance? i feel as if we should coordinate. )

Answer: Well then. Let’s get right down to serious business, shall we? As far as baby #2 is concerned, s/he will not be making an appearance anytime soon. I’m kind of a fan of the 3-year spread between kids. Meaning, at least get the first kid out of diapers and into a real bed before beginning all over again with the next kid:)
[funny little side-note to this question. At dinner the other night FatJ told me that HE should probably be in the loop with these baby questions, as he didn’t know the answers himself. Heeee.]

My question to Kim: Same question, right back at ya! Since we do need to coordinate and all:)

Sarah S. asks: What do you like most about being a mom and are there any notions of adding to the family any time soon?

Answer: This is a tough one, because there are many things I like about being a mom. First of all, it’s so amazing to know that this little person came from ME (and FatJ of course). The whole ‘miracle of life’ thing just blows my mind. I guess what I most enjoy about motherhood are the little daily joys that Ryan brings. His cute smiles, his giggles, his playful demeanor. It’s also an amazing feeling to be loved and needed so unconditionally from someone. I know this phase will pass ever so quickly, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts:) As for part two of your question, see above.

My question to Sarah S.: How did you happen to begin reading fatj?