Seriously. Just when you thought it was safe to venture outside for some springtime fun, WHAMO BAMO, the storm of the century hits. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Some spring wannabe pictures from the last few days…

This here is a picture of Ryan wearing a wannabe spring polo shirt. Notice it had to be worn as a shlong (short sleeve + long sleeve=shlong) due to the temps. I found these adorable polos on clearance at Target for $3.48. So I had to buy two. One day he’ll be able to wear them bare-armed.

This here is a picture of Ryan sporting the same shlong, along with a saddy face that developed after I took the remote away from him.

Here’s Ryan on his first springtime trip to the park and first springtime swing ride. He adored swinging last fall, but this time he was a bit wary and freaked out a tad when I started pushing him. Let’s just say he didn’t love it. But the potential for future swing love is huge.

And these two crack me up. Yesterday was a gorgeous day. All the snow had melted from our yard. I brought Ryan out and sat him in the dead lawn, and yelled for FatJ to bring the camera. Ryan did not seem to understand why I would plop him on the ground in the outdoors. He also did not care for the texture of the dead grass. He held his arms limply up above him, so as not to come into contact with that ghastly grass. Here he is from afar…


And, this is what he looked like from the front. Hahahaha!