I’m in a blog slump. Nothing too note-worthy has been going on, and I haven’t been inspired to do any creative writing, so this is all I’m coming up with today. Just some randomness…

  • Idol-wise: While I still like him and think he’s as cute as can be, I’m diggin’ the two rockers a bit more these past few weeks. And to all you red-neck country music-loving hillbillies out there, puh-leeze STOP voting for this chick. She has to go.
  • I’m going to the salon tomorrow night. Since we’re in the poor house and whatever ‘do I get tomorrow has to last me six months, I better make it count. Hair gods, please smile upon me. I definitely need to feel some good hair ‘chi.’
  • Ryan and I went to the MOA today. I try to shield his eyes from those horrible build-a-bear shops so he never knows they exist. And thank goodness he’s not a girl, because if I had to take him to one of those horrible make-up/hair/pink princess explosion places where 2 year olds can get glammed up, I would puke.
  • On the flip side, has anyone noticed there is way more variety in baby/kid girl clothes than there is boy clothes? The boy clothes is cute, don’t get me wrong, but there just seems to be so much more choice in girls’ clothes. But see above- I’m so happy he’s a boy!!!
  • I am anxiously anticipating this coming weekend because I (drumroll please) am leaving my house (with four fabulous friends) for over 24 hours and will be spending the FIRST night ever away from my child. I can hardly wait! Where am I going, you ask? Well Avon, Minnesota, of course! We’ll be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of this.

Oh yeah, and one year ago yesterday (I just happened to look at these pictures this morning- and giggled), this was me: