Here’s what I’m wondering this Thursday: How many people read to unwind before going to bed at night?

FatJ swears by this practice and says he is unable to easily fall asleep unless he has some down time with reading material (in the bed) before going to bed. I frequently read before going to bed too, and typically it does relax me and get me more into a “sleep” mode. However, I’ve recently heard (and I think this was on Oprah awhile back too) that the only things that should occur in a bed are 1.) sleep, and 2.) something intimate that I will not come out and say on this blog because FatJ.wordpress needs to retain its G rating, but I think you know what I’m referring to. It seems, according to sleep research (that I am unable to document here), that participating in any other activity in your bed other than the two mentioned above will negatively affect your ability to fall asleep and sleep well throughout the night. In other words, activities such as reading, watching T.V., eating, surfing the internet, playing cards, etc. while in bed negatively impact your sleep because your brain associates the bed with these activities, rather than the inactivity of sleep.

I’m curious what FatJ readers think about this. Usually my reading in bed helps me calm down, erases all those monotonous daily thoughts from my brain, and sets a relaxing tone for sleep. However, if I’m reading a really good book like the one I’m reading currently, I do tend to get really into the story and end up reading later than I intend, and then once I finally do turn out the light my mind keeps racing about the plot of the story and how it’s going to turn out. But, reading in bed is always more relaxing to me than staring at the computer screen or T.V. immediately before going to bed. Writing a blog post (such as I’m doing right now at 10:08pm) is not something that gently eases me into sleep, yet I tend to do much of my writing at the end of the day like this (and much of my reading of others’ blogs too). THEN when I go to bed I think about upcoming blog posts and think about all of the interesting bloggy info I just acquired, and then it’s thoughts galore in my head! Haha.

Okay, I’m going to stop writing now and go to bed. After I eat something, brush my teeth, and read, of course. So tell me…

What do you do to relax before bed? Do you read? Does it hype you up or relax you down? Are you one of those people who lives life in bed, and still gets a great night’s sleep? Do you need to unwind before catching your Zzzzz’s, or do you fall asleep within seconds of your head hitting the pillow, not needing any down time?