Remember that email forward thing I posted yesterday? No worries, I’m not going to post it again. But I do feel the need to pull out one sentence from that thing and add to it in honor of today:

I wonder why…

  • last week after swimming Ryan took an almost 3 hour nap, but today his nap was only an hour and twenty minutes.
  • my FREAKING dog had to bark 45 minutes into MY nap on the couch. (She’s still up for grabs, btw.)
  • I hate grocery shopping so much.
  • my hair can’t be cute without blow drying and much fussing.
  • I am starving.
  • it’s warm and sunny outside, but really doesn’t feel that nice because of the 900mph straight line winds.
  • I’m in denial that my little man turns one NEXT WEEK!!! Holy sheet! How did that get here so fast??