Oh Ry Guy, Happy Birthday to my little man!!

Here is the first picture of you ever taken, exactly one year ago:

Your mama can hardly believe how quickly this year has gone by! It’s amazing to me that you started out as this red little squirming bundle of helplessness, and are now a big, almost-walking boy! Dare I say, you are a toddler now?

Last night as I was going to bed, I thought back to how exactly one year ago I was also going to bed, thinking it would be a usual night of sleep for me. And then how, at 1:30am, you decided it was time get things rolling to make your appearance! I woke up last night at 4:30am, just moments after your 4:23am birthday moment. I thought that was a sign that we are forever connected.

Now Ryan, I know we’ve had a few trials and tribulations together over the past year, but all of that is overshadowed by all of the wonderful things you’ve brought to our lives. I remember all those sleepless nights in the beginning, when you were literally attached to me 24/7. I love the fact that you began sleeping through the night at 8-1/2 weeks old. Thank you for that. I also remember all those times when I had to swaddle you tight and shush shush shush you for what seemed an eternity until you fell asleep, and how the second I laid you down you’d wake up and scream. I love the fact that you finally got a nice naptime routine down, and how after a few books and a sip of water (and your blankey of course), you now nicely fall asleep on your own (most of the time!). I remember how much you liked being held and walked around the house, and how there were times I thought my arms might fall off. I love that I can now put you down for long(ish) periods of time and you will entertain yourself, and I love even more when you stop what you’re doing, look around to determine my location, and then come charging over for a hug.

You are my sweet, darling little adorable man, and I love you so much!! Thank you for being patient with me and loving me unconditionally during this past year, as I figured out what this mommy thing was all about. No matter what, whenever I see your sweet smile, (with your eight teeth), hear your cute giggle, or notice that sneaky look on your face when you know you shouldn’t do something but do it anyway, I can’t help but smile and think how lucky and happy I am to have you.

Happy Birthday buddy!!


Your ever-adoring Mama

P.S. Here’s what seems to be the one billionth picture of you, taken today, on your big ONE YEAR.