Our trip to Chicago was great- as they always are. FatJ and I have been to Chicago many times over the years to visit his brother, so this trip we decided to forego the ‘typical’ Chicago experience of shopping on the Miracle Mile and walking Navy Pier. Instead, we saw some new sites outside of the city, dined at some fabulous restaurants, drank a few alcoholic beverages, and watched some movies. It was lovely. Lovely.

I won’t give you the blow by blow of every minute of the trip, because I am EXHAUSTED. I guess that’s what a 4-day trip after a year’s vacation hiatus will do to a person?!! And I want to squeeze in a nap before Ryan wakes up. Anyway, here are a few images.

We rented a zipcar and drove north along L. Michigan. Saw some rich neighborhoods, walked out onto a couple piers, etc. Here’s our car- it was a Mini. Which we thought was going to be cool, but it was basically like riding in the back of a jeep without any shocks. Oh and that’s FatJ’s brother Jim…

We go on a trip sans child, and what do we do? Play like children…

We had never seen a contraption like this at a playground before…

Here FatJ and I are, out at the BAR! Drinking!! Past 11:00pm!! And it was a karaoke bar. (No, we did not sing). Needless to say, we were for sure the oldest people there.

And a shot of the city. We were really only downtown for a little bit.

The weather was gorgeous on Sunday, and we took the train out of the city to Oak Park, and visited the Andrew Lloyd Weber Frank Lloyd Wright house. Frank was a famous architect. We toured his house, which was a sight to see. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of that…like I said, I took some really random pictures.

It was lots of fun to get away for a long weekend!! I missed Ryan, but not TOO much. He was in great hands with Gram and Gramps, and it sounded like they all had fun. Ryan was a champ with his eating and sleeping the whole weekend. Yay! Maybe Gram and Gramps would like to make it a week next time?!!