It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve already experienced two Mother’s Days as a mother. Ryan was born just in time for me to eek out one mom’s day with a newborn, so that means this year is my second, even though he just turned one. Anyway…continuing on with the nostalgia from Ryan’s ‘younger days’, I just had to capture some comparison photos to show how much he’s changed in a year’s time.

Last year- my mom and I, and the two-week-old Ryan:

And this year:

Last year- Ryan wore a very soft and cuddly pale yellow outfit that I had purchased before he was born. Yellow=neutral, right? FatJ was peeved that his new son looked like a girl. But awwwww, how cute is this? It’s as if he’s saying “I surrender! I surrender to appeasing my mother and wearing yellow on Mother’s Day!”

And this year- dressed in a very manly blue:

Last year on Mother’s Day weekend, we met our nephew/cousin Max for the first time. Here are the two cousins together one year ago:

And here they were today, while we were celebrating Max’s first birthday:

Finally, last year FatJ captured this image of Ryan and I at the end of our first Mother’s Day together. It’s become one of my favorite shots of the two of us:

So I decided to try and recreate it this year:

And one more, for good measure:

Happy Mother’s Day, to all the mamas out there!