I feel like it’s been eons since I’ve written a blog post. I’ll blame it on the fact it’s summer now, the weather’s nicer, and I try to spend LESS time on the computer and MORE time doing real, live, actual activities. And then at the end of the day I don’t have the energy or patience to write about them. I do, however, think a little weekend re-cap is in order.

Ryan started saying “uh-oh!” this weekend, which makes me laugh every time I hear it come out of his mouth. Here are a few weekend “uh-ohs”, from our family to yours.

Ryan came down with a cold Thursday night. UH-OH! He slept really poorly, and woke up with an amazing amount of snot pouring out of his nose. Friday was a long, crabby, clingy day for him. Saturday he wasn’t much better, and ended up taking a three hour and twenty minute morning nap. OBV he wasn’t feeling well…napping more than about 1.5 hours at a time for Ryan is typically unheard of. Thankfully he seems to be on the mend as of today.
+FatJ is going on day two of a sore throat and the beginnings of a cold. UH-OH.
+GrandmaJ was unable to babysit last night because she has been attacked by the same sickness. UH-OH.

While taking some extremely unsuccessful night photography shots Sunday evening, my camera bag toppled off the hood of the car and my lens went crashing onto the concrete of the parking lot. UH-OH.
+Tried out the lens today and it seems to be fine. (How this is possible I don’t know.)

Old, ancient, non-textable cell phone instantly stopped working on Thursday. UH-OH. Weekend was spent without cell phone, which was not missed.
+New cell phone was purchased today. Memory card from old phone was transferred to new phone to keep all previous contacts/phone numbers. Something failed in the transfer and the only numbers that were saved were, 1.) my husband’s cell number, and, 2.) my parents’ home phone number. UH-OH. Please email me your phone number if you ever want me to call you again.
+New cell phone has texting capabilities that even I can figure out. This should only affect Matt L.

Ryan managed to wear a hole in his one pair of Robeez. UH-OH.
+New (old) pair of Robeez was discovered in the bottom of a hand-me-down bag of clothing. Hopefully these will last the week.

I gave Ryan his first haircut today! UH-OH! I’m not sure it can even be considered a haircut since all I did was trim a few stray hairs that have grown unusually long and hang down over his ears. But I did trim them, and it did make me feel sad that I was cutting off his first hairs ever! UH-OH.
+The hairs were immediately attached to a piece of scotch tape and secured into his baby book.

And a few pictures… it was really hot here on Sunday so Ryan wore shorts for the second time this season. I’ve been avoiding shorts on him because when we’re outside he wants to crawl everywhere, and bare knees and cement sidewalks don’t really mix. Walking is getting to be his transportation mode of choice, but it sure is a back-killer.