June is historically my favorite month out of the year. Things are summery but not TOO summery (as in hot and gross). But what is up with the weather this year? I do not know. We’ve had some crazy weather- storms and winds and humidity one minute but coolness the next. Here’s a bit on how we passed our second weekend in June…

Saturday: We thought it would be fun to bring Ryan to Como Zoo. At mid-day. On a Saturday. In nice(ish) weather. NOTE TO SELVES: A free zoo, on a Saturday, at mid-day, on a nice(ish) weather day in June, is ALWAYS going to equal no available parking, stroller traffic jams, whiny kids, and grumpy parents. I’m happy to report that I did find a parking spot (a mile away) while FatJ and RyanJ listened to a story about zebras in the zoo entrance. I did manage to get us out of every stroller traffic jam without incident. My child was not whiny. And neither FatJ nor I were grumpy. Hot- yes. Grumpy- no. So we did have a good time. Ryan liked the monkeys and the seal. But most of the animals were pretty lethargic in the heat (can’t say I blame them) and lots of remodeling/reconstructing appears to be going on at Como, so the visit wasn’t as awe-inspiring as I remember it being in the past.

Saturday night: I went to see SATC with my pal Jen. The movie was great- I loved it. It was not too long- we could have sat and watched for another 2-1/2 hours for sure. And a side story about ‘SATC’, the acronym. FatJ has developed a vile hatred for the acronym for this movie. Just before the movie came out, FatJ wondered aloud where that acronym came from. He was quite miffed about it. So then to mock the love of SATC, he pulled out his best valley girl voice, and exclaimed “O.M.G!!! SATC!!! I LOVE that movie!! I’m totally going to see SATC tonight! It’s SOOOO COOL!!!!!” And since I giggled that very first time, FatJ took that to mean I thought he was really funny, and has now been spewing SATC valley-girl speak every chance he gets. You can only imagine the tirade he went on when Jen and I made plans to actually GO to the movie. And the fit he threw when we were unable to find a sitter and was unable to go to the movie with us.

Sunday: We went to a one-year-old’s birthday party. It began as a cloudy day, but got really humid and sunny. Poor Ryan was dressed in jeans, a onesie, and a button-down mini-daddy shirt, so he was a shweaty little dude. He had a great time chasing around the other kids, dumping crayons all over the driveway, and eating a hot dog from a plastic picnic table. Cuteness!

Weekend WHA-WHA???: We did not eat ice cream one time the entire weekend. How this came to pass I do not know. We did, however, partake in doughnut greatness from Baker’s Wife on Sunday. But back to the ice cream…I DID introduce Ryan to DQ on Friday (but Friday’s not technically the weekend). After our trip to Target we were just so famished that I thought it best to swing by the DQ. I ordered Ryan his very first baby cone. He wasn’t so much interested in the ice cream part, but LOVED the cone. He held his cone while I held him in my lap and ate my hot fudge sundae. And the ice cream from Ryan’s cone. I am not one to let DQ go to waste. Anyway, Ryan took his sweet time licking the ice cream out from the inside of his cone, and with every lick he would turn and look up at me with the biggest ice-cream-heaven grin on his face. And then he’d giggle. And then would be right back licking the cone again. I know he was thinking “oh mama, we are soul mates. I will eat DQ with you anytime.” I would post a picture of that whole experience, but I only have a picture of it on my phone (yes- I now own a phone with a camera!), and if there’s a way to upload pics from camera to computer, I most certainly do not know how to do it.

In another post I will have to deliver the story of our Saturday night out from June Weekend #1… until next time, so long!