Consider this a call for papers- er, make that- photographs!

I am running out of banner photographs of delicious looking fatty grub, and thought it would be fun to have FatJ readers get involved and help me out. Yes- I could just take my camera and hit up ice cream parlor after ice cream parlor (oh wait, I already do this) and take my own fatty boom batty pictures, but this will be much more exciting. Trust me.

Here are the rules: Submit to me, in full-size electronic format, a picture of a summery, delicious-looking FatJ-themed treat. (By FatJ-themed, I mean yummy, fatty, and yummy). It can be a picture you took today, or a picture you took years ago. I don’t really care, as long as it’s summer-themed, and looks tasty.

I guess since I’m using the word “contest”, I’m implying there will be a winner. All submissions will be used (unless you’re sending something grotesque, or that doesn’t apply to the strict rules stated above) and the photographer will be given credit for his/her work. IN ADDITION… I will personally select one photograph as my favorite (based on my wealth of knowledge of photography techniques, tee hee), and one LUCKY winner will receive the prize that was offered up during the last FatJ giveaway. {For some odd reason, I still happen to have this highly-coveted prize in my possession.}

Okay, ready to play? Happy snapping! (and eating).