Thank you to all who played the game. Here are the answers to, Did this REALLY happen at the cabin on the 4th of July??

1. Grandpa B burned his mouth on a toasted marshmallow.


2. Anne got her finger stuck in the opening of an insect repellent wipes container.

ANSWER: Yes. Seriously, they need a warning on these things. This was an extremely painful, and potentially life-threatening experience that I never want to repeat.

3. Kim got a blistering sunburn.

ANSWER: No (not that I know of anyway). Apparently she did get a sunburn the day after leaving the cabin however??

4. Leila bit Max in the head.

ANSWER: Yes. This happened. This was bad. Max was innocently playing with Leila and she whipped around and snapped him one in the head. If you think she should be put down, just say so. I listen to my readers.

5. Max threw a fit of rage when he wasn’t allowed to read “Llama Llama Red Pajama” anymore.

ANSWER: Yes. This is so funny to me! Max LOVES the Llama book. We had to hide the book so Max could settle down.

6. FatJ ate 10 salted nut roll bars in one sitting. (Note*: These are not the candy bar. They are an actual bar that a person (me) makes in a pan and cuts into squares.)

ANSWER: No. His dietitian would never allow such a thing.

7. Tom ate 10 salted nut roll bars in one sitting.

ANSWER: Yes. And FatJ thought Tom was going to HATE these bars.

8. FatJ caught a 24 inch walleye.

ANSWER: Yes! An Alden Lake walleye record! Sadly, no pictorial evidence for this catch exists because I was told by my fellow fishermen that bringing a camera out into the boat was not necessary.

9. The cabin toilet overflowed.

ANSWER: No. That cabin has been expertly plumbed.

10. GrandmaB brought enough whole milk to feed an army of one year olds.

ANSWER: Yes. There was no lack of whole milk.