#1: Our paper shredder is broken. Awhile back I went on a shedding spree after cleaning out some office files, and it seems to have been jammed ever since. I spent a good half hour over the weekend trying to de-jam it, to no avail. The LAST thing I want to have to do right now is go buy a new paper shredder. Not to mention adding this one- that I swear could be functional again- to a landfill somewhere. I wonder if it truly could be repaired… In the meantime, all of our must-shred documents are piling up in a big messy nest, and I hate that.

#2: Today’s “event” for Ryan and I was going to be some quality time spent at the Nokomis beach. So after spending 30-odd minutes wrestling the child into his swim garb, applying sunscreen, and walking there, we find that the beach is CLOSED. Due to an overabundance of bacteria in the water. Ew. Ew. And Ew. I guess this happens on and off at some beaches during Minnesota summers, but how gross is it to think of e.coli and other poo-borne diseases infesting the beach where my little one plays? The signage at the beach claimed the premises were closed due to “high bacteria levels”, but upon further investigation at the Mpls Parks & Rec website, I’m informed that, and I quote, “the beach is temporarily closed due to vandalism of a porta potty.” What?? So which is it? Bacteria, or porta potty vandalism? Or did someone dump the porta potty onto the beach? OBV no child of mine will be entering this lake again this summer.

Random: Yesterday I went to pick up a few things at our neighborhood market. I got some produce, a can of beans, and a few odds and ends from the deli. The cashier rang everything up and announced that I owe $162.60. Hurm… I know food prices have increased recently, but $162.60??? I don’t even spend that much when I do a *major* grocery shop. So I told the cashier she must be mistaken, and then I look at the screen tallying up my purchases and see that she has charged me for 71 green peppers. 71 green peppers!??! Once the problem was solved my bill came to $58 something. Which then made me realize how expensive green peppers are. Seventy-one of them for over $100 huh? Yowser.

Embarrassing: This doesn’t quite beat my all-time most embarrassing moment, but I did make a fool out of myself last night at a restaurant when I went up to a woman who I thought was an old co-worker of mine. A group of women had walked in, and I was positive one of the women in the group was “J”, someone I used to work with. I kept stealing glances at her to make sure it was her, and FatJ kept egging me on and telling me I had to go say hello to her. I finally decided it was indeed her, went over to her table, TOUCHED HER ARM, and said “Hi, “J”??” And the second she looked up at me I KNEW it wasn’t her, and I felt like a total heel. I apologized profusely and turned back to FatJ and pointed him out as the instigator of me making a fool out of myself. The women were quite gracious and laughed about the whole incident (of course), while I turned a few shades of red and quickly got out of there. The ladies and the fake “J” were nice enough to smile and wave goodbye to me as they left the restaurant awhile later.