Umm kay, moving right along here in the world of technology, I now have a Twitter widget right over there>>>>. Isn’t that just uber-exciting???

Typically I scoff at anything that’s the ‘latest craze’ (e.g. Facebook), but it just so happened that I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon waaaaaaaay back in the day when Twitter was virtually unheard of by commoners. In other words, FatJ had started playing around with this thing called Twitter, had one follower and was a followee of only one, and it was annoying me that he kept writing these really boring updates about what he was doing for ONE person to read. So I decided I would also join Twitter, just so I could see what sorts of updates FatJ was providing to his one follower. My first Twitter was written on February 14, 2008. That’s right- instead of bringing me roses or reciting romantic poems on the day of amor, FatJ and his one follower were busy updating their Twitters back and forth. [I’ve always known there was something questionable about their relationship.]

Back in February, I wrote ten Twitters. Then I didn’t write another one again until April. Since then I’ve only written four more. That makes a total of 15 Twitters in about 6 months’ time.

Here’s my initial reaction to Twitter: NO ONE CARES what you are doing every moment of every day. But wait, apparently people DO care what others are doing every moment of every day, because from what I hear, Twitter has gone big time. And I only follow like eight people or something, but when I do log into my Twitter I am ashamedly interested in reading everyone’s tweets. I guess there is a voyeur in us all. Is that it?? Anyway…I’ve decided that I’m going to do one Twitter now per day. Not because I think anyone gives two toots what I’m doing, but because…well just because it will challenge me to come up with something witty to describe my current state of things. Which will indeed be a challenge, since I don’t Twitter remotely. And whenever I’m on the computer my Twitter update could read the same thing: Checking email, reading blogs, and wondering what to Twitter.