We have returned from another fabulously relaxing and beautiful-weather-filled weekend at the cabin.

Of note:

-All three dogs came out alive, but it was touch and go there for awhile.

-FatJ inadvertently allowed a life jacket to be taken by the wind while cruising in the pontoon. Upon returning to shore, we looked out to sea and discovered a hauntingly familiar-looking life jacket floating around the middle of the lake. Grandpa B had to make an emergency life jacket rescue.

-And Ryan. Oh Ry, my little outdoor adventurer. This one was obsessed with walking up and down the dock. At the end of the dock (the end attached to dry land), there is an approximately 4-inch step down to the ground. DadaJ thought Ry Guy could manage this step down without any assistance, and sure as sugar- SLAM– there lands Ryan, face first onto the gravel. His forehead met its match with a sharp and pointy rock. And this was the end result. Add this to the innumerable insect bites and skinned knees, and this kid looks like he’s been through the ringer. He sure is cute though, that little cyclops boy.

This one was taken today…so things have improved a bit in the head wound arena.