Do any toddler mommies out there have any sage words of wisdom for me regarding my child’s recent napping pattern? A little background on the subject:

Age: 15 (almost 16) months

Name: Ryan

Alias(es): Ry Guy, Little Dude, Bud

Favorite word(s): Ba! Da!

Napping History: Has been taking two naps a day for months and months and months. Naps occur around 10:00am and 3:00pm, lasting anywhere from 40 mins to 1.5 hours each.

Recent Pediatrician Quote: “He’s still napping twice a day?!?! That’s great!!! Keep that up as long as you can if you want to. Typically around this age they evolve to just the one nap a day.”

Current Napping Pattern: Day 1 and 2– two successfully completed naps. Day proceeds as planned. Day 3– nap #1 results in huge screaming fit, no nap occurs. Frustrated mama forced to remain at home to squeeze in lunchtime and ensuing 12:30pm nap. Day proceeds NOT as planned. 12:30pm nap lasts only FORTY-FIVE minutes. Day 4 and 5- two naps a day again a success…child making up for lost sleep from the mini-nap on Day 3. Repeat Cycle.

Mama’s Questions and Concerns: K, so I know he will transition from two to one naps a day. Fine. I’ve also heard the transition can be rough and take awhile. What concerns me deeply is that on days when he only takes the one midday nap, he is waking up after FORTY-FIVE minutes!! EEeeeek! Aaaaaack!! Forty-five minutes is not nearly enough day sleeping time for the active little manny that I have. Not only is the afternoon r-e-a-l-l-y long when he wakes up at 1:30pm (and won’t go to sleep for the night for six more hours), but the guy looks physically tired, is crankier than normal, and just acts like he should have napped longer. My question…is this part of the transition, and eventually his body will “figure out” that he’s only having one nap a day now, so he better make it count? Or will this be his forever nap pattern? (Please say no, it won’t be. Please tell me he’ll figure out how to take a long-ish midday nap, and will awaken refreshed and relaxed, to take part in a fun-filled afternoon and evening.)

Because really, if all I get is 45 minutes of mommy down-time per day, I may just go. wacko. cracko.

***As I post this, it’s 10:19am, on what SHOULD be a Day 4 (two-nap day). And he’s not sleeping. The screaming just started up. And we have plans to meet a friend for lunch at noon. Super.