I have a friend who just had a new baby boy. I begged offered to take some pictures of him, so yesterday Ryan and I went over for a little visit.

I took a bunch of pics of the little guy. Later at home I was going through all of the images, baby pic upon baby pic upon baby pic, most of which looked something like this…                 (this is Luke, btw. Forgot to mention his name before)…

…and then suddenly this image popped up…

and I thought “WHAT is this picture of a REALLY OLD KID doing in with all these teeny weeny baby pictures?”

And then I realized it was a picture of MY big and really old looking kid. And wow, how big he is compared to a wee newborn!

Next I thanked my lucky stars that I did not make Ryan a big brother at the age of 16 months, because yowsa, I think that would be A LOT of work. Ryan did adore the baby…he kept trying to snuggle him, kiss him, and play with his arm. He’s pretty sweet like that, my big kid.