Okay, so I know we’ve actually had some lovely sunny days lately. AND summer is not technically over. AND this picture was taken just last week, after summer in my mind DID officially end.

But here’s the beginning of my “I miss you summer” series anyway.

—Just two things, really quickly—

1. Look closely at this picture. The wound/scar on Ryan’s forehead is still visible, pink, and raised. I am fearful that in his original fall a very small pebble or speck of sand may have gotten lodged in the skin in his forehead, and will reside there forever. Should I be worried about this? Should I make a dr appt?? It does not seem to hurt him or be infected or anything of that nature. But the fact that FatJ has a pencil lead lodged in his leg from some elementary school mishap rather scares me. My cutie patootie’s forehead is not a prime locale for an Alden Lake stone to forever reside.

2. I guess summer really is NOT over yet, because just yesterday I got STUNG by a BEE in the stomach, through TWO shirts!! It hurt, but not as much as I remember bee stings of the past hurting. I got home and iced the sting, and then my mind started wandering towards some very frightening “what-ifs”, that inside my head sounded something like this: I know I’m not allergic to bee stings, but WHAT IF I suddenly now AM allergic? What if the venom is infiltrating my intestines and everything is cramping up and I’m going to keel over dead any minute now? What should I do with Ryan in the 42 seconds I have left to live?

—-one more thing—

I have not been lacking lately in the opportunity to photograph pictures of fattily delicious food items. However, I either never have my camera with me, or don’t even think about taking my camera out, or don’t want to take my camera out to snap pics to use on my FatJ banner. I need to get better at that. Meanwhile, if anyone has any new foodie pics you’d like to send me, I’m still accepting.