Fall rolled around in our household, and I realized the only shoes that still fit Ryan were his Crocs. I decided Ryan could probably do without the chilly, wet feet scenario that running around in puddles in 50 degree temps wearing hole-y rubber shoes will bring. So that could only mean one thing: Shoe shopping!

Ryan is now sporting not one, but TWO new pairs of kicks. He has his very own first pair of running shoes (picture of those to come- he’s quite the little track star!). And then, even though we probably could have gotten by with the one pair of shoes for the fall, I just had to get him these adorable Chuck Taylor’s.

I have to give this boy credit because he actually seemed to enjoy shoe shopping. He’d check out each new pair I’d try on his feet, and would stomp around in them like he was hot stuff. Which he is. Just check him out here at the swings.

**This boy is addicted to the swings. I take him to the park, with high hopes that he’ll run around for an hour and will get super tired out, and then will take a lengthy nap. Foiled again!! All he wants to do at the park is swing. He likes to play musical swings too. Staying in the same swing for the entire park trip is not satisfactory. He must switch swings, and try out each and every one. Silly dude!