Check out the new header. Muffins! Whoa muffins! There is a short story behind these muffins:

Ryan and I go to ECFE every Tuesday. At the first class, a clipboard was passed around and each parent was to sign up for a week to bring a snack to the class. The snack is to consist of two things: 1.) a toddler friendly food that MUST, I repeat MUST be store-bought; and 2.) a ‘parent’ snack, that can pretty much be anything you want it to be (because apparently children may not be poisoned by homemade goods, but their parents can be). I was sort of confused as to why it was suggested the parent snack be different from the kid snack, ‘cuz personally I can down a box of Teddy Grahams, package of graham crackers, or bag of goldfish in no time, but I guess some people don’t think those items are ‘adult-friendly’ enough. Anyway. Lucky me was the first to receive the snack clipboard, so I quickly signed up for week #1 of snacks, so I wouldn’t have to worry about it during the remaining weeks. And since I had week #1, I decided I should bring a snack slightly better than what was provided to us by the ECFE program on day one (graham crackers for kids and rock-hard store-bought cookies for moms), but not SO special of a snack that the remaining moms would have a hard time measuring up. (e.g. if I had brought Baker’s Wife doughnuts as the mom snack, there’s no way anyone could have topped that. And I’m all about not making anyone feel bad.) So, for my snack, I decided upon Teddy Grahams for the you-know-whos, and muffins for the parents. I also decided to make muffins rather than buy them. And when I say “make muffins”, I mean dump the muffin mix out of the box and into a bowl, while adding water and stirring. I do not mean look up a muffin recipe containing 17 ingredients in the Joy of Cooking and spend all weekend baking away. What I’m trying to say is, I am not above a boxed baked good. Especially for a group of moms (and one dad) that I don’t know.

Anyways, the TGs were a big hit with the under-two set. I did hear one mom say “oouuh, I don’t KNOW about THESE.” Which I took to mean, my daughter only eats the finest of organically grown food ingredients, and these TEDDY GRAHAMS are NOT part of her usual diet.

The best though were the comments about my ‘homemade’ muffins:

“You baked??!!!!” “You MADE these?” “These are really good!” “I can’t believe you had the time to bake muffins!” To which I responded, “uh, these are made from a boxed mix. Nothing real special involved.” To which they responded, “but you BAKED! Wow! How wonderful!”

Tee hee. Gotta love it!