Over the past few weeks, Ryan has been picking up language like a mad-man. I’ll do a little update here for my records, just in time for the 17 month mark.

Ryan’s words- 17 months:

(and sometimes “ba-woo” for balloon)
dog, doggie
(= blankie, but it’s now starting to sound more like ‘babee’)
nigh nigh
bye bye
wa wa
doe-ah (=door)
(= more, and just today he started saying “mo mee”, as in “more, please!”)
fra-fra! (=barking dog. He’s getting the right sounds in there, just not in the right order. So cute!)
ow (=oh no, I have a terrible owie somewhere. He points them out. Frequently)

It seems like every day he acquires a new word that he is able to produce spontaneously on his own, and in the appropriate context. It amazes me!! What’s really mind-blowing is his receptive language. He understands so much of what we say by responding to a request, idea, etc. He repeats a lot of words that he hears us say, especially the words at the end of a sentence. It’s so neat how he gets the intonation of the word correct, even though his mouth hasn’t learned how to pronounce each sound on it’s own.

The most exciting language development for me has been his use of the word mama!! Finally! This dude has been saying dada for like 6 months, but would never utter mama. Finally about a week or so ago he was able to spit out mama on his own, without prodding, without being asked. Now he points to me and says mama. He points to pictures of me and says mama. When he wants me to do something he pulls my hand and says mama. If I walk away from him at a time when he doesn’t want me to walk away from him, he says mama.

So now ‘dada’ and ‘mama’ are very clearly spoken, and Ryan has a fun new game where he pulls out photo albums and points out dada and mama in pictures of times of yore when dada and mama took vacations and went to really sweet places. And I respond with “yes Ryan, that’s mama swimming in the Caribbean. Yes Ryan, that’s mama hiking the Italian riviera. Yes Ryan, that’s mama standing at the Cliffs of Moher.” I think he just likes rubbing it in. He also likes to walk around the house while pointing out different items, and then announcing who owns which items. For whatever reason he seems to think dada owns most things in our house, including strappy sandals, all of the clothing hanging on my side of the closet, the laptop, the remote, and empty beer cans. I’ll let you decide which ones the Ry Guy is ‘right on’ about.

What else about this boy… Anytime we see a man out in public, he says “dada!” He also points out every dog we pass, and shouts out “doggie!” He says hi to most everyone we pass in the grocery store or Target, and really likes to chat up the cashier with repeated hi*s. He LOVES going to the park, mainly to ride on the swings. All he wants to do is swing.  He also insists upon walking most of the time when we go for a walk. Which is great, but that means I get zero exercise. And our walks take for-evah. Ryan enjoys trespassing on all the neighbors’ property, checking out their flower beds, their cement stairs, their wrought iron railings. Today on a walk, while I was trying to continue down the path and Ryan was 20 feet away LAYING DOWN in the path and saying “nigh nigh”, some guy walking by actually says to me “patience is a virtue. HAHAHA!” Yeah.

Anyway, this post is getting really long. Of course I could go on and on about this child ‘o mine, but I’ll stop now and post a few pictures.

Enjoying some time in a laundry basket. In the bathroom. What could be better?

Waiting for lunch…

Looking for his belly…

Bathtime… serious business.

Bathtime…funny business.

Woe is me. Mom isn’t letting me run into the alley.

I’ll try it anyway, just to see what happens.