The whole “O” experience is still on my mind apparently. Last night I had a dream- a very crazy dream.

In my dream, I decided that I wanted to attend another taping of the Oprah show. So I hopped in the car, drove to Chicago, and parked in the Harpo studios lot. There, I got out of my car (which was my old, maroon, 1988 Buick LeSabre), and while I was locking the door, I saw Oprah walking across the parking lot. So I shout “hey, Oprah!! It’s me, Anne!” And she turns around and looks at me and says “oh hi”, and instead of her being Oprah she was some random white woman with really bad hair.

Next my dream flashes to me sitting in the audience, watching another taping. Suddenly Harpo execs are sitting next to me, and they are offering me a job at Harpo!! They are unable to tell me what the job is that they are offering me, just that they have A job for me. I immediately accept the job, and turn to FatJ (who has appeared out of nowhere) and he gives me a big kiss. Then one of the Harpo people says, “we know you are a stay-at-home mom; are you sure you’ll be able to transition into a job where you’ll have to sit in a cubicle all day?” To which I reply, “Oh yes!! Before I was a teacher I had a cubicle-sitting job!!!” Hahahaha!

Thus ends the dream.

But it brings up two very important questions:

1. Would I give up stay-at-home mommying for a job at Harpo?

2. Would I relocate to Chicago for a job at Harpo?

Answer to both: YES.