I’m sure this is a matter of one little click, but I can’t figure it out. Google has been no help either.

I’m trying to crop an image in Photoshop. Typically, this is a PS task I can handle on my own. But here’s the prob. Something’s gotten wacked out with my cropping tool (or something!) and I can’t get it back to normal.

So, you know how when you have an image open and select the crop tool, and then you drag the mouse and select the area of the image you want to crop? And then these little handles show up in the corners and sides, so you can adjust your crop area? MY PROBLEM: Those little handles are not appearing. If I hover on the edge of the image that I cropped, this little arc icon with an arrow on each end appears, and if I use that to drag a side, it tilts the image instead of just dragging the side out or in.

Does this make any sense? Pues… I’d do a screen shot of what’s happening but, ahem, making a screen shot is not one of the three things I have mastered in Photoshop.

If you can assist me with this cropping predicament, I’d love it!