{The following tutorial is brought to you by Ryan.}

1. Always refer to your pumpkin as “poppo” or “poppy.”

2. For the first five minutes, be very afraid to get your hands anywhere near the innards of the pumpkin.

3. Once you are used to the feel of the innards, make every attempt to put the innards back into the pumpkin.

4. Grab fistfulls of the seeds-to-be-saved and make every attempt to put them back into the pumpkin.

5. If #4 fails, throw seeds on the ground. Or on top of a dog’s back (remember, it’s best if the seeds stick to the dog’s fur.)

6. Try to grab the sharp knife when your mom isn’t looking.

7. Be sure to take a big spoon and taste the pumpkin guts. Then look at your mom and say “Mmmmm!!”

8. The top stem portion of the pumpkin is referred to as the “door.”

9. When pumpkin face is being carved, be sure to say “no” for nose and “mao” for mouth.

10. When viewing your candlelit pumpkin, be sure and point to the light switch while saying “ON” no less than 733 times.

10. Look cute at all times. It’s best if you wear a vest and/or sport a mullet.


{My name is Ryan, and I approve this message.}