It’s that time of year again people! November just happens to be National Blog Posting Month! Which means, if you are a blogger who chooses to participate, that you do a blog post every day during the month of November. And lucky for you (tee hee, haha) I am choosing to participate!

I participated in NaBloPoMo last year as well. If you go back into the archives and check out November 2007, you will find my 30 posts. Some of my favorites from last year include this pictorial post, a poll I conducted about horrible holiday carols, and of course, the requisite Ryan milestone updates. Last year I seemed to have a thing for complaining about bad dental experiences and worn out home textiles.

What’s in store for November 2008? Hm… well most definitely on November 3rd I will be announcing whether or not I’ll be moving to Spain to begin my new life as an ex-pat. In addition, you can count on weekly “I miss you summer” images. As well as the usual mommy-blogging toddler updates. I may throw in some interesting blog filler material in the form of a ‘meme’ (a.k.a. super lame email-forward fill in the blank type questionnaire). And hopefully I’ll come up with some thought-provoking Deep Thoughts for Thursday posts too.

What are my goals for this month of daily posting?:

1. Have at least ONE blog lurker leave me a comment for the first time. (Congrats to Weezie- a blog lurker who I actually know in real life- who left her first ever comment on this inspirational post.)

2. Conduct some type of a give-away contest.

3. Update you on the status of Leila the Wonderbeast.

4. Update you on the status of The Rock in Ryan’s Head.

5.Take some more food pictures to use as headers.

6. Attempt to get a few people (who shall remain nameless) to either begin blogging, or resume their blogging.

6. ?????????? I am accepting ideas! Is there anything you’d like me to blog about? Not blog about? Do tell, do share. I take pride in listening to my readers.