As promised at the start of November, I am about to conduct the first ever FatJ Blog Giveaway!*

The Details:

Today I brought a plastic jumbo football (originally used to contain some obnoxious beverage that FatJ drank in Las Vegas) and half a rubbermaid container full of change to the bank to be counted and turned into “real” money. I love, love, love doing this! Our current stash of change has been accumulating for a few years now, and FatJ added a tea box full of change from his old desk at work a few months back. Our containers were overflowing, so I thought it was time to cash it all in. What does this have to do with you, you ask? Well, all you have to do to be a winner in the giveaway is to be the one person to come the closest to guessing the exact amount of $$$$ that this stash of change turned out to be, (it’s always way more money than I think it is!) and answer me one other silly question.

Official Rules: In the comment section of this post, please do the following:

1. Guess how much money the change pictured here turned out to be.


2. Answer this multiple choice question correctly:

Upon cashing in my change, the following non-countable objects were ejected from the change machine:

a. a 100 peseta coin and a Hershey’s kiss wrapper

b. a Canadian quarter and a 5 cent euro coin

c. an Italian lira coin and a safety pin

d. none of the above

3. Tell me the name of your favorite charity (or a cause that you feel proud supporting).

4. Do all of this by the close of the Giveaway Spectacular period (midnight, CST on Friday Nov. 14th).

THE PRIZES!!!!!!!!! : Whoever comes closest to guessing the correct dollar amount of the change in my change containers, AND gets the answer to question #2 correct, will win the following:

1. A $20 giftcard to Target (b/c who CAN’T use $20 to Target?)

2. A little surprise goodie specific to the winner (b/c that’s just fun)

3. A $20 donation to the charity/cause you left in your comment (b/c tis the season to do good!)

Happy playing!!!!

(*I did indeed hold a giveaway once before, but no one ever claimed the prize.)