I’ve written about this here and here. Here’s the latest.

So Ryan still has that little rock embedded in the skin of his forehead. Smack dab in the middle of his forehead. You can see the gray stone, feel the bump, and see a tiny pink scar just below it where the rock must have entered. At the end of October Ryan had his 18 month check-up, so I mentioned this all to the doctor and showed her the area in question. She looked at it. Touched it. Probed it. And then said “hmmmm, I’ve never seen anything like this before.” [Huh? Can this really be that unusual? I mean, I had more than one person comment on my previous post about other people they’ve known who have a small object embedded in their skin. In fact, my husband is one of them! You can’t really tell me that this has never been written about in medical journals?] Anyway, we continued our conversation and she thought it didn’t look like it was doing any harm, so we could probably leave it in there indefinitely. Or, we could have it taken out. “What would that entail?” I ask. And her reply: “Well, I can’t imagine it would take much more than a little slit by a scalpel and it would pop right out! I could do it right here in my office if you’d like me to try.”

Uhhhh….  this was the same medical professional who just said she’d never seen anything like this before. So I’m feeling a little apprehensive about her just giving it the ‘ol college try and experimenting on my kid’s head with a scalpel, right then and there in her office. So then she offered to give me a referral to a pediatric dermatologist, and I said “how about a plastic surgeon?” only half-kidding, and then she gave me a referral to the pediatric dermatologist. She said it would take awhile for us to get an appointment there, but I called later that week and was able to get an appointment for tomorrow. Which is a good thing, but also may be a bad thing if my poor boy has to go through an uncomfortable procedure tomorrow. At first I thought our meeting with the pediatric dermatologist would just be an initial consultation, but I’ve been talking to some people about this, and most seem to agree that the rock will actually be extracted tomorrow. AAAaaack!

So that’s why my mom is coming down here for a couple days. She will be joining me for this appointment tomorrow for moral support, and to take care of Ryan in case I pass out from the sight of anything medical being done to my boy. Cuz blood and guts and gore and needles and scalpels removing rocks from a head and I…we just don’t get along.

So wish us luck!

(Oh, and the other bad thing about this happening maybe tomorrow? What horrible timing to have a rock removed from one’s head. I’m sure it will leave some sort of a wound, and right before Thanksgiving? And Christmas? And me trying to take a picture of him for some type of holiday card? With a lovely hole in his forehead?)