Lesson learned from today: Always trust your very own motherly instincts.

I didn’t really think our visit to the ped derm today would result in anything going down other than a consultation, but then I started talking to other people earlier this week, and they advised that I better be prepared to have the rock extracted today. So then I was all mentally prepared, had my mom along, etc.

But, nothing happened. Nothing went down. Nothing got extracted. Being we were at a teaching hospital, Ryan’s forehead was first glanced at by a resident. She was then joined by Dr. H, the one who I mentioned yesterday. Basically they told me that removal of the foreign object from Ryan’s head at this squirrely squirmy time in his life would require sedation and a surgical procedure, so as to keep him from moving. The MD confirmed nothing was wrong with the rock staying in there for the time being, and that I could always come back in a few years when Ryan is a little less ‘active’ and have it removed without sedation. (This is the route I have selected). Which THEN got me thinking about Ryan’s pediatrician, and her offer to “numb it up with a little novocaine in the office and make a small incision with a scalpel.” Yipes! What about the squirrely factor???? Yipes! Glad I didn’t go that route. Basically I think we’ll be waiting until Ryan comes to me some day moaning “GAWD MOM! Why do I have a ROCK in my head? I can’t believe you didn’t take it OUT!”

Oh yeah, and so remember Dr. H’s hobbies that I shared with you yesterday? One of them was manifested during the office visit. Bet you can’t guess which one it was???!!! No, unfortunately he did not offer me a homemade doughnut. Nor did he share the pedigrees of his prized wiener dogs. But he DID bust out a Nikon D80 with a powerful zoom lens and photograph my boy’s head for his records. Sweet.

(p.s. I feel bad about making a little bit of fun of the guy yesterday. He was a very nice, normal, caring man with a lot of dermatological experience under his belt. My mom really hopes he doesn’t read my blog and get his feelings hurt.)