I’m trying to figure out what my snail mail holiday card will be this year. A friend of mine, who is a fabulous planner, told me it’s taking her holiday cards three weeks to arrive. And then someone else mentioned there’s not much time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. AH the pressure! The pressure to decide on and order the snail mail holiday cards!

Usually going into the holidays I have some sort of inspiration for the holiday card I want. But this year- nada. Past holiday cards have included (in order of occurrence) the boxed-sets card, with a handwritten, personalized note by me. A photo card, accompanied by an extremely witty form letter. A form letter/picture combo, in the shape of a Christmas tree, graphically designed by a brother. A photo card of FatJ and I, personally signed by me. A photo card of a super cute Ryan, personally signed by no one and hastily shoved into envelopes, because who has time to sign all these and address all the envelopes anyway?

So for this year, the debacle is minor. I’m not doing a form letter. I’m not hand-writing a message in a boxed card. I’m not designing my own card because, let’s be real here, the extent of my photoshop knowledge is limited to cropping an image, and even that has proven challenging. Mainly I’m just wondering which image I should paste into a generic shutterfly holiday card template. Which picture should I use? One picture or many pictures? A picture of Ryan alone, or a picture of us as a family? A picture of Ryan looking ‘normal’, or a picture of Ryan looking ‘holiday-ish?’

And then as I’m pondering all this nonsense, I think to myself, “does anyone really care?” Will anyone notice if they don’t receive a holiday card from us this year? Is it worth the expense, of purchasing, of paying for postage? Is it worth my time?? (P.S. Jenny of stickyfeathers blogged a bit about tossing or keeping photo cards- here.)

So tell me, oh wise readers: Do you like receiving photo greeting cards? Do you like or hate form letter holiday cards? (FatJ and I snuggle up on the couch and read the ones we get out loud and find some great lines to laugh at usually:) Do you SAVE holiday picture cards? Do you save any holiday cards? DO YOU JUDGE A PERSON BY THE QUALITY AND UNIQUENESS OF THEIR HOLIDAY CARD?

I do:)