This morning Ryan and I met our buddies Jen and Sophia at the downtown Macy’s 8th floor holiday display. It was a winter wonderland of elfin madness, and the two kiddliedoos were definitely impressed. Our first trip through the display found both Ryan and Sophia afoot, as they made their way through the walkways of the scenes. Ryan kept me on my toes in the crowd as he darted back and forth, to and fro, full speed ahead, this way and that. He wanted to become one with the elves and tried to heave himself into the scenes multiple times. He also tried eating the fake snow. The second time through the holiday maze, things were a bit more crowded, so Ry and Sophia boarded their strollers and we wheeled them through to the end. You can’t really tell by looking at them in these last two pictures, but they really did have fun!


This is Sophia telling Mrs. Claus that “NO!” she absolutely does NOT want to talk to her!

Could these two look any more disinterested??

Tired and hungry…time to go eat some pancakes.

“yah-yah”= how Sophia pronounces Ryan’s name
“pfee-ya”= how Ryan pronounces Sophia’s name