Ryan has been insisting that we read this book non-stop the past few weeks. So when a perfect snowball day finally arrived yesterday, DadaJ figured Ryan would just about do backflips when they began putting together his very own snowman. From what I hear, though, Ryan lost interest after about two minutes.

Here’s DadaJ, putting the finishing touches on Ryan’s very first snow blob man.




This is what you call giving the snowman a snuggle.


The Boy.


FatJ admitted to me this morning that he wanted to make a snowman for Ryan so that everytime from now on when Ryan sees a snowman or hears something about a snowman or talks about a snowman, that he will simultaously say the word “dada”, as Ryan is apt to do. He attaches someone’s name to objects that they touch or make, or activities that they do with Ryan. For example: a pile of leaves…”dada!” (dada rakes leaves w/Ryan). A pumpkin…”mama!” (mama carved the pumpkin with Ryan). The Christmas tree…”dada!” (dada chopped down the tree). A boat…”gam-pa!” (grandpa has a boat). Picture of brown bear, brown bear…”gamma!” (Ryan sent grandma a Brown Bear birthday card). Yadda yadda yadda. So dada had ulterior motives with the snowman, in order for his name to forever be connected with snowmen in Ryan’s mind. Humpf.