Tagged by Kim to do this… (and I’m in a bit of a blogging slump, so I’m jumping right on this one. Exciting Saturday night, too!) You are supposed to take the 6th file from the pictures file on your computer, and pull up the 6th picture and post it. So here mine is:


This is my sister-in-law (FatJ’s sister- also coincidentally named Ann minus the ‘e’) getting her nails done the day before her wedding. This picture was taken on 4.20.07. What I remember about this moment was that I was 9 months uncomfortably pregnant and trying to take photos of all the fun wedding activities while not passing out from the stench of the nails place. I shot this picture in black and white…this was before I knew how to do such a thing in photoshop:)

And now I am to tag four others. I will tag Gina, Cass, MLBDaddy, and Heather, if you are so inclined to play.