Sub-zero temps. Cabin fever. This post, obsession #2. Plus whininess, demandingness, stubbornness, pissyness, and a love of sugar.  What does that spell? Let’s just say, FatJ is actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow. I also got out of him a “I don’t know HOW you do this all day long.”     Yeah.     Me neither.

Let’s move on.

My parents were in town Thursday-Saturday, and on Friday we celebrated my dad’s birthday. Lucky birthday guy he was- he got to spend his day shoveling our sidewalks and driveway, being dragged around by a toddler, and watching a chick flick. We did make it out to an early dinner, and came home to enjoy a little birthday singing and cake eating. Ryan was decked out in a party hat, and was totally enthralled by the birthday candles and fanfare. I know he thought it was HIS birthday we were singing about:)

Some holiday fun with Dam-pa…

I made my first ever from-scratch cake, thanks to a Betty Crocker cookbook of my grandmother’s circa something around 1950. (More posts to come on this cookbook, indeed.) Ryan had his eye on this cake all day long. Once it was frosted I let him lick a beater with his “dam-pa”, and he was in heaven. He also devoured his piece of cake, and has been demanding to eat the leftovers ever since.



Today I did a little baking. Ryan was having trouble keeping himself occupied, so I brought him up to the counter to “help” me roll the ginger cookies into balls. He immediately mashed an entire glob of dough into the sugar bowl, and then proceeded to chuck the dough glob onto the kitchen floor for ‘Yey-ya’ to devour. The baking apprenticeship ended at that point.


And finally, I’ve been trying daily to take some holiday-ish photos of Ryan posing in front of the tree or something. This is the best I got today. A distracted boy in front of his stocking.