Friday morning Ryan got to hang with his best gal-pal, Sophia. (Or Phia, as he calls her). Sophia’s mom Jen is unfortunately burdened with a partial-bedrest situation, which means she’s stuck in the house all day every day with a toddler, in January, unable to go anywhere. [Personally I cannot imagine anything more horrendous, but Jen seems to be handling it well.] So Friday…Jen decided it would be extremely *restful* (tee, hee) for her if she invited Ryan and I, and another friend Alyssa and her wee one Finn over for a playdate. Luckily for Alyssa (whose 8-week-old slept the whole time) and Jen (whose 19-month-old quietly entertains herself while smiling and acting cherubic), they were able to catch up and chat over coffee and baked goods. I, on the other hand, spent much of my time refereeing my charming boy who wanted to eat every last baked good in sight, flick on and off various light fixtures, grab all toys away from Sophia, and go ‘bye-bye’ five minutes after we arrived. I’m pretty sure I was unable to finish any sentence I began speaking, or hear more than the tail end of any conversation. Still, we had lots of fun and here’s a big shout-out to pregnant, bed-rested Jen for having the courage to invite us over!

Some photos, for my records…

Ryan pushed Sophia around in her doll stroller. I think they kind of look like an elderly couple here, Ryan in his argyle vest pushing his ailing wife around in a wheelchair or something…


Love Sophia’s expression here. She’s also sporting a lovely Caribou bracelet


Sophia has lots of toy food. Ryan isn’t quite sure what to make of toy food. He gets upset when he sees a fake doughnut or cupcake, and CANNOT eat it! He still tries though…


Here Ryan is trying to ‘drink’ the fake milk that comes pouring out of the milk carton…


My goal: Get a picture of the three kids together. Well, Finn never woke up while I was there, and it was nearly impossible to get Ryan and Sophia to pose on either side of the baby carrier. So…this will have to do:


Baby Finn…


A rare moment when Ryan isn’t moving…he decided to relax a moment in Sophia’s poofy pink chair.


Jen and Phia…if you can handle it again, we’re game if you are!