This horrendously wintery, dreary weather is making me feel like a shut-in who rarely talks to anyone besides the toddler and the dog. This post is nothing in particular, just some randomness that I’ve been thinking of and haven’t had the opportunity to express.

-I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of a new niece or nephew. I try to not be that really annoying person who constantly asks the pregnant lady if she’s had her baby yet, but Katie- it takes all my might to not email you EVERY SINGLE DAY to see if there’s any progress!! I am just dying to know if the baby’s a boy or girl (I have a feeling ‘girl’, but I’m usually wrong about these things.) I am also dying to run out shopping the minute I hear the news to buy some sort of adorable itty bitty newborn outfit.

-My child has the memory of an elephant. Seriously- he remembers things that I don’t ever recall talking about. Like tonight…we were looking at some old photos on the computer and came across a picture of someone’s wedding bouquet, and he said “woses.” ROSES??! How does he know this? I think I may have said the word once when pointing out a flower in one of his books. Also…some of the pages from his books have been ripped. He knows that I sometimes tape up ripped pages. Well one day he found a ripped page, said ‘tape’ and I told him we didn’t have any tape and that we’d have to go to Target to buy more tape. A few days later as I was trying to wrangle him into his coat and boots, I said “we have to go to Target now.” And he said “tape!” And the ultimate memory-maker for him was his Grandpa’s birthday celebration, which was very small and informal and held at our house on Dec. 19th. If anyone mentions cake, or birthdays, or grandpa, or presents, he goes into this long ‘story’ that goes like this: “Gam-pa–cake–PFFPTTT! (blowing out the candles)–hat–highchair”. He tries to have conversations with us- it’s awesome. And today he put together a three-word sentence, completely and totally motivated by food: “more-popcorn-MAMA!!!”

-Did I mention that FatJ and I are going on vacation? Alone?!! (a.k.a sans child?) Whoot woot, yes we are!  We’re going to Mexico. The Playa del Carmen/Riviera Maya area. Yep, it’s an adventure-traveler’s cop-out rock-bottom destination, but holy hannah am I excited for 5 childfree all-inclusive days and nights of sun, surf, and sand.

-Some blog stuff: First, if you don’t already read this blog, I highly recommend it. If you have some time (and a supply of tissues), start at the beginning. The guy who writes it is an amazing single dad who lost his wife shortly after their baby was born. He also includes awesome travel photography and adorable pictures of his daughter. Second, last week at ECFE I learned that one of the other moms in our class is one of seven people who are collaborating on a daily photography project to take a picture-a-day of Minneapolis’ Powderhorn neighborhood. I think this idea is completely cool. Check out their Powderhorn 365 site here. Finally, FatJ is back to blogging. His blog is called ‘the makings of a conundrum’, a name that we came up with this past summer while fishing off of a pontoon boat at Alden Lake. ‘Conundrum’ is a highly technical fishing term to describe the nesty mess of fishing line that gets tangled up in a ball on your reel. No, FatJ’s blog is not about fishing. Nor is it really about any specific type of conundrum; or about any specific type of anything, for that matter. In his ‘about’ section, FatJ proclaims to write a little about a lot. Try and figure it out if you want; I am still trying myself. Ha. He makes me chuckle.

-I am dying to know one little thing tonight. Who is my reader from Gilbert, MN?? Not to put you on the spot or anything, Gilbert reader, but I’m just wondering where Gilbert, MN is, how you came across my blog, and if I know you (or someone you know) in real life. (But I’m guessing probs not, or I’d most likely know where Gilbert, MN is.)

-And because I’m feeling communicate-y…I’d love it if you left me a communication-themed comment. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Who did you last receive an email from? Who became your most recent Facebook friend? Were you a communications major, and what job do you hold now? Feel free to answer any or all of these questions (but answering none of them is unacceptable).