A few days ago my friend Jen was telling me that her daughter Sophia has become extremely interested in the kids’ show Yo Gabba Gabba. Up until Tuesday, I had never heard of the show. Then yesterday Dooce blogged about her daughter loving it, and described it as ‘bearable children’s television.’

I began to get curiouser and curiouser. Thus, today at 3:30 I decided to turn it on and see what it was all about. (I won’t lie and say I wasn’t hoping just a little bit that it would be something that would keep Ryan glued to the TV and out of my hair for 20 minutes. So far he’s had zero interest in watching any children’s TV beyond about 30 seconds. Which is a GOOD thing, but still…sometimes… a little TV break might be nice). Anyway, Yo Gabba Gabba. It came on, and Ryan was immediately interested. And giggling. And repeating the names of the freaky characters- names that I couldn’t even understand. Apparently this show is speaking in some sort of toddler-tongue that’s only understood by kids under the age of five. Basically, the show creeped me out. I was immediately freaked by the host dude in his weird outfit and bushy orange hat thing and odd glasses. And then there are the stuffed dancing characters. Jen was trying to describe them to me the other day…she said something about a red bumpy pickle with one eye (today referring to it as something I cannot write here), along with a furry, strange looking thing, a yellow robot, and some other unidentifiable creatures. They sing and dance around and have some life lessons, from what I could tell. My full attention was unable to be focused on the show because I was on the phone with Jen talking about the madness that was appearing before me on the screen. Ryan watched for a couple minutes and then moved on to other activities. He periodically looked up at it when he heard a high-pitched noise coming from one of the dancing characters, but it was definitely not the 20-minutes-straight of TV time that I was thinking perhaps it could be.

Which is fine, because I think if I had to remain in the same room with that show for more than a minute I’d start pulling out my hair.

Yo Gabba Gabba…who else out there is watching? And do ya love it, or hate it?