I’m always amazed at how much babies seem to have changed and grown if you haven’t seen them in even a few short weeks. Today Ryan and I went to pay a visit to our friends Nicole and Luke. And since it’s the 25th of the month today, it means Luke just turned 5 months, and Ryan just turned 21 months. Aaack! Where is this time flying to?

Luke: a very happy 5 months…





Playing around with a picture of Ryan…

I took this picture- it was overexposed- but I liked it, because it just represents Ryan in one of his serious, contemplative moments to a T. So tonight I played around with some of Pioneer Woman’s actions, and created these. What do you think? Or are you one who hates to mess with the original?

(PW ‘Heartland‘)

(PW ‘Sepia‘)

(PW ‘Seventies’)