I won’t be around next week when my little man turns 22 months, so I’m doing a little Ryan update now. Everyday for the past few weeks I’ve been thinking to myself “I NEED to write down what he just said/did/looked like, etc.” because he’s just so cute right now and changing every day. So this post is mainly for me, and my own personal mommy record keeping.

At 21 months and 4 weeks of ripe old age, Ryan…

…has language skills that continue to amaze me with each passing day. I’m probably overly fascinated with this than most, but since my seemingly forever-ago career was meant to aide kids in their acquisition of the English language, I LOVE that I have my very own little English language learner living under my roof. And this one’s coming with a blank slate- no prior native tongue- so it’s even more fun and amazing to hear how his language develops. Basically Ryan is a non-stop jabberer. Neither his pa nor I know where exactly he’s getting this from. He’s stringing words together into sentences more and more each day and has a huge vocabulary (including words like aquaphor, lint roller, whisk, and back hoe). The words he knows seem to come out of nowhere sometimes. He’s recently added the apostrophe-s to the end of names to signify possession, and now uses the words “do” and “did” and “too.” As we play and interact together throughout the day, I hear these phrases over and over again:

-‘Ry Guy do dat!’ (oh yes, he’s still referring to himself as Ry Guy)

-‘Ry guy made dat!’

-‘Mama do dat too?!’

-‘YEY-YA NOOOOO!’ (hm, wonder where he picked that one up from?)

-‘Mama read [insert book title here] book!’

-‘Mama yetters!’ (when he wants me to play letters with him)

-‘Mama yiving-woom’ (directing me to living room)

-‘Mama hold you!!! Mama carry you!!!’ (he tries to get me to pick him up and carry him A LOT. I say no A LOT. But I secretly love it when he says these two things.)

-‘Ry Guy big boy. Ry Guy helping.’ (he’s quite the little helper these days)

-‘goofy boy!’

He’s also into randomly naming all the people he knows in a big string of words, something like this (in order of importance, of course): mama!dada!yey-ya!gamma!gampa!dukey! The list changes depending upon who we’re with and what memory he’s reliving. Oh yeah, he’s also finally learned that his grandparents all have different names, which is super cute. Gam-pa BOB was the first name to come. Now we also frequently discuss Gamma Kayen, Gamma Maeee, and Gam-pa Jeeey.

…never walks. Always runs.

…has finally started noticing and liking and playing with stuffed animals. There are stuffed animals stashed in every room of our house. He drags them around and asks for certain ones at different times. Normally we have 1-3 extra diners at the table with us for meals, because Ryan demands that the animals watch him eat. Thankfully he hasn’t developed a deep attachment to any one specific stuffed toy because he still is madly obsessed with his babas, but most nights and naps he wants to take at least one stuffy to bed with him. Oh, and he also likes to wrap them up in blankies and have them go nigh-night. So cute.

…continues to be a great eater, but has developed some food eccentricities. After months and months of loving and devouring bananas and grapes, he has suddenly developed an extreme aversion to them, and refuses to go near either one. His current favorite fruits are blueberries and blackberries. He also loves citrus fruits, including clementines, oranges, grapefruit, LEMONS and LIMES. He won’t take a bite of grapefruit, but loves drinking the grapefruit juice that I squeeze out of my grapefruit. He also loves chewing on pieces of lemon and lime.  Last night he was sucking on a small slice of lemon and before I knew it he had chewed up and swallowed the rind and all. I’m not sure what kind of kiddo begs for lemon and lime wedges, but I guess we have one of that kind.  For the most part he eats everything that we eat (with the exception of lettuce), and hands-down his favorite food is cheese.

…has successfully not cried when mama’s left the ECFE room for the past two weeks in a row!

…likes brushing his own teeth, but hates it when someone else tries to brush his teeth.

…loves to listen to songs and music, and loves to dance with dad.

…loves giving and getting bear hugs.

…has what can only be described as a very spirited, boisterous personality. (The adjective demanding does indeed come to mind.) If Ryan has something to say, he will not stop repeating it until someone has acknowledged his comment. I’ll be reading him a book and he’ll point something out in the picture, and if I just say uh-huh and keep on reading, that is unacceptable. He repeats the word over and over and over until I acknowledge his contribution to the story by saying “yes Ryan, that IS a mouse.”

…is beginning to get a sense of humor and know when things are funny. If something unusual happens he’ll act kind of startled, look at me, and then laugh. If I get a funny look on my face in reaction to something humorous, he cracks up laughing. Oh, and he’s also developing this silly little facial expression that comes out if you tell him something that he doesn’t like or is surprising to him. I’ll have to work on getting a picture of that. Until then, here’s some evidence of what he’s been up to lately.

Chowin’ down on JuLus and fries at Matt’s, in honor of his mama’s birthday (photo courtesy of FatJ).

Snacking. Always the snacking. [again, I’m wondering where oh where could he have gotten this from? ahem]

Jealous of baby Luke using his Bumbo seat, he decided to reclaim it.

Ryan and I on V-day. He gave me that beauty of a heart with some beauties of pecan turtles inside.

Hanging out with his new coz.

This is getting long, but just one more little story for the record books. Note new cupcake header above…those are some cupcakes baked and decorated by Ryan and I. You would have thought that I hung the moon and stars the day I let him partake in cupcake creations. He sat on the counter and helped me mix the batter, then begged/whined/screamed the entire time they were in the oven baking because he wanted to eat one. Later he was given the job of shaking the sprinkles onto the frosted cupcakes and then doling out heart candies onto each cake. HEAVEN is where he was. Heaven. No longer do I care how beauteous my baked goods appear; what matters is that the kid had a blast making them. The minute dad walked in the door Ryan began shouting CUPCAKES! MAMA MADE DAT!! RY GUY HELPER!!! CUPCAKES!! Then when Grandma came over we had to show off the cupcakes more than once. And the demands to eat the cupcakes during every waking moment were over the top. One morning he woke up exclaiming, MAMA! CUPCAKES!! MAMA CUPCAKE TIME!

So yeah, he likes all things cupcake.