But I just had to share three things.

1. I had not heard of sprinkles referred to as ‘jimmies’ ever before in my life until a couple months ago. I don’t remember who brought it up or who the conversation was with, but while decorating cookies or looking at holiday treats, someone started talking about how in some parts of the U.S. sprinkles are known as jimmies. And last week when we were in Mexico, I overheard this woman getting an ice cream for her kid, and she asks the Mexican pool bar/ice cream man if they have any jimmies! (He looked at her like she was smoking something.) And then she said, “jimmies- you know, SPRINKLES?!!” See for yourself.

2. I love it when someone new starts blogging! My SIL Katie just sent me a link to her new blog today. If you want to see adorable pictures of an adorable nephew, check it out!

3. And speaking of nephews (or nieces!), we’re going to have another one come October. Congratulations to Kim and Tom on their upcoming new addition!