Last week Ryan and I finally made it over to Choo Choo Bob’s train shop. I had been hearing lots of great things about this store. They have model trains on display, train play tables for little ones, etc. and I had been wanting to check it out for a long time. Ryan was indeed a big fan of the place. He spent a good long while (in toddler time, at least 5-7 minutes) staring at the model trains that are set up in the front window. This was a ‘no touch’ zone, which required lots of restraint from the little guys who were there, but Ryan did a great job of looking with his eyes only!

(a horrible picture, but the most decent one I got of him looking at the trains)


Ryan spent some time playing with the train play table up front…



…but then he discovered this ride-on Thomas toy, and he just couldn’t be bothered playing with the little trains at that point.


The whole back of the store is set up with six train tables so the kiddies can play with trains to their hearts’ content. They even have chairs on the perimeter for the responsible adults to take a load off. My kid though, in true Ryan fashion, had no desire to spend more than 30 seconds at the fun play tables. He spent the rest of his time at Choo Choo Bob’s running back and forth along the length of the store, climbing under a railing and over a step, to then run down the wheelchair ramp and circle around to start over again. I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s much more into utilizing his gross motor skills in big and active play than he is perfecting his fine motor skills with something like model train tracks and cabooses.


Sidenote: I had never, until today, seen an episode of the much-loved-and-hyped-by-boys “Thomas and Friends” or Thomas the Tank Engine or whatever it’s called. I always thought it was a cartoon, but no it is not. It’s some, uh…I don’t even know how to describe it? A show where some toy trains were videod and a guy narrates a story to go along with it? Ryan was enthralled for approx 5 minutes, and then was on to bigger and better things. So is Thomas still a really huge deal to kids right now? What age group is the biggest fan? And do girls get into the whole Thomas phenomenon too? Any of your kids into the show/toys, or not so much? I guess now that I’ve been a mom for almost two years now I should maybe  get clued in to what’s hip and mod and rad to kids these days…