I was amazed at the variety of answers that I got to this poll! Apparently this type of footwear carries with it a whole slew of monikers, including rain boots, rubber boots, wellies, mud boots, puddle boots, mud rubbers (?), galoshes (ding ding!!), puddle jumpers, rubbers (thx FatJ), gumboots, and mini fireman’s boots. I think the person who commented with the response gum boots is a native of Australia, which is funny because the day I posted this Ryan and I were walking into ECFE and this woman says “oh he has on cute boots! Gum boots! At least that’s what they call them in Australia!” Who knew, who knew?

Anyway, when I was a youngin’ we wore these ALL the time due to the large amount of mud that was always around in the spring. I think I called them mud boots back then. I call them rubber boots with Ryan. But when I’m talking about them with anyone else, they are ALWAYS galoshes. Because hello, how fun is it to say the word galoshes??? Ga  losh  es !! FUN! Which brings me to my next question: If a pair of these boots are called galoshes, does that mean just one of the boots is a galosh?